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"Libraries and museums are a mirror of culture and the degree of civilization of a nation"

Library of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education started its operations in 1946, the State Institute of Physical Education (popular "DIF"), with a modest book holdings of libraries around 1 000 units. DIF growing in the Higher School of Physical Education, and later in the faculty, developed and grew quantitatively and qualitatively the library itself.
Today it is a significant extra teaching-science Faculty unit, with a rich book holdings of approximately 23 000 library units. It is certainly a treasure of knowledge, science and experience. Our library is the oldest sports library, both today and in the former State Union (former Yugoslavia). The library has a valuable publication not only in the field of sport and physical education, but also from related fields (eg medicine, psychology, sociology, pedagogy, philosophy, art, etc.). Our library is a university library, so it is intended primarily for students, teachers, co-workers and working people of the Faculty, but its publications are available to all who are interested in the field of sport and physical education.

In late 2004, the library was transferred to the electronic catalog COBISS, on-line processing of publications, so that only the most recent publications and processed, and you will not find them in leaf catalogs, which are located in the premises of the library (an author, expert, objective ). Installation of COBISS (Cooperative Online Bibliographic System and Services) as an organizational model linking libraries in library and information system with shared cataloging, mutual catalog database with many features of a virtual library. The project goal is to connect VBS library of Serbia into a single information system, which would be users of the library in an organized and rational way to provide access to information and documents in electronic form, whether created in the system itself or through its special access to information on any computer on the Internet.